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All-Breed ARBA shows are exciting conformation events where recognized breeds are allowed to enter. On the tables, each rabbit is judged individually against their breed's unique Stand of Perfection (SOP). Whichever rabbit the judges select to represent its breed continues on to compete with other Best of Breeds (BOB) winners in a Group competition. Group winners then go head-to-head in an ultimate competition for the honor of winning Best in Show (BIS). In some cases, it's not uncommon to see over 20,000 rabbits competing at the ARBA Convention each year. 

While Speciality shows are smaller than most All-Breed shows, the quality and number of animals entered for a given breed are usually very high. For example, the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club Nationals only allows Holland Lops to enter. Like All-Breed shows, each rabbit shown in a Specialty show is judged against its breed standard. Whichever rabbits are selected to represent its variety and class then compete for Best of Breed. Because Specialities do not allow other breeds to enter, the BOB winner also receives BIS and, in turn, the Best Opposite of Sex (BOSB) receives Reserve in Show (RIS). 

All-Breed and Specialty shows have both large numbers of rabbits entered and crowds of spectators who cheer them on. The HLRSC understands that not all breeders and fanciers can attend top shows each year, so we are dedicated to sharing important show news and results online. However, we highly encourage you to visit or participate in upcoming shows. There's no better way to join the fun! 


2019 ARBA Convention (All Breed Show)
October 20-23 | Reno, Nevada


2020 HLRSC Nationals - to be held in conjuction with Ohio Mini Convention (May 1-3, 2020)
May 2nd | Columbus, OH


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