HLRSC History

In 1979, after the Holland Lop breed was accepted by the ARBA, there was much interest not only in the breed, but also in forming a national club. Aleck Brooks, his father, Buddy, and mother, Barbara, had campaigned three ARBA showings and decided to enlist help in forming a national club. Nan Woost agreed to do the leg work and the nucleus started to form. Nan enlisted the help of ARBA Secretary, Ed Pfeifer and in April of 1980, an organizational meeting was held. The first HLRSC officers were: Aleck Brooks - President, Dave Stumpf - Vice President, Nan Woost - Secretary/Editor, and Buddy Brooks - Treasurer. The first three Directors were Betty Landress, Bill Takacs, and Sue Holcomb. Judge Anthony Howard, from England, was appointed the club's Foreign Correspondent due to his knowledge of the breed in the U.K. and Europe.

The organizational Board voted on a "club logo" of a Dutch shoe with a Holland Lop in front of it, as well as a club slogan, The Hallmark Breed. Club colors were voted on: Royal blue, light blue, and white.

The first ARBA Convention, for the HLRSC occurred in Milwaukee with 27 Hollands shown by 11 exhibitors. What more fitting judge to do the honors than judge Bram Van Velden of Canada, a Dutchman himself, who picked a solid senior doe, weighing 2 lbs. 12 oz., for Best of Breed. Both BOB and BOS were bred and owned by Aleck Brooks. The BOB doe was in prime coat and beauty. The crowd let out shouts of enthusiasm when she won Best 4 Class at the convention. This was and still is a "first" for a new breed in the history of the ARBA. In less than seven months of organization, the HLRSC had a set record not yet matched by any other breed or specialty club.

At the first general membership meeting, a date was set for the club's first election: April 5, 1981. Secretary Woost reported that in six months the membership had grown from 25 to 93, with four sanctions being issued the first year. Tom Coatoam was appointed the first Standards Committee Chairman.

Many of the first rabbits were imported from Holland by Aleck Brooks from the originator of the breed, Mr. Adr. de Cock of Tilburg, Holland. Others, such as Jeff Hardin, Elizabeth Forstinger, and Hans Albrecht also imported large numbers of Hollands from Europe, and soon stock was disseminated throughout the country.

The Club logo was redesigned in 1986, by Shannon Byrom, and is the same logo we use today.

An Official HLRSC Youth Department was established in 1987 with Nan Woost and Joyce Studen, heading up the committee. Sweepstakes contests were started for youth as well as several other activities. The special youth activities held at conventions and national shows are still a highlight for our youth members today.

Under the leadership of President Vi Crowder, the HLRSC incorporated in 1991, eleven years after our original charter. The third edition of the HLRSC Guidebook was also published that year.

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club Official Guidebook