HLRSC Trio Raffle

Twice a year, generous members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club carefully select and donate special Holland Lop rabbits to the HLRSC's Trio Raffle Fundraiser Event. Those wishing to purchase tickets for the HLRSC Trio Raffle may do so by paying a $5 donation fee for each ticket entered into the raffle. The HLRSC Trio Raffle Ticket form can be found and purchased in three ways:

  • 0nline on the HLRSC website (click here)
  • as a clippable form in the Hollander magazine (spring & fall editions)
  • at the HLRSC Booth at Convention and Nationals 

Before purchasing raffle tickets, please make sure that you can transport the trio or have secured trusted transport ahead of time. The HLRSC is not responsible for transporting the trio from the raffle location to the winner's home. For those not attending the raffle in person, please write the transporter's name and phone number on the back of your ticket(s) if possible.

The HLRSC would like to thank the following members for their kindness and generousity when donating their rabbits to the HLRSC Trio Raffle at the 2018 ARBA Convention in Springfield, MA. Their donations help not only help support the HLRSC, but their rabbits will go on to help better the future of the Holland Lop breed we love so much. 

Jessica & Charles Fullwood (PA) - Buck

Barry Hustins & Rachel Lehman (ME) - Doe

Rheana & Jomary Lund (NY) - Doe

Please check back for trio pics and info soon!