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HLRSC Guidebook Pricing
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HLRSC Guidebook $20.00 (Each)

HLRSC Guidebook
HLRSC Guidebook Included in New Membership! Only order if you would like an additional copy!

3-Ring binder (1/2 page) that includes color photos and is full of information that every Holland Breeder needs to know.
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HLRSC Guidebook $20 Out of Stock
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*****  Guidebook   - Kimberly Minch (Vevay Indiana)
Absolutely love this little Book! It is a must have for any New Breeder. Loaded with value information!I have such a cleared prospective of the breed.I got started on this book and just could not put it down. Thank you so much for including it in my membership. Well worth becoming a new member!